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Zhuji City Jiechuang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhuji City Jiechuang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a China MAN Air Dryer Suppliers and MAN Air Dryer manufacturers engaged in slack adjuster, brake chamber, air dryer, air hose and a series of brake valves, solenoid valves which are used on trucks, trailers and buses. The company is located in Fengqiao Industrial Zone, Zhuji City. near Hangzhou Airport and Zhuji Train station.

The company has advanced production equipment and testing machines and strict testing process. It has advanced production technology and management experience, which effectively controls the quality of the products and makes our each product match with international standards.

Roadfine brand is popular in domestic and foreign countries since 2012. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, South America, the Middle East and many other countries, and we already established good sales channel and business reputation.

Roadfine Enterprise adheres to the “People-oriented, Credit First”, and strictly implements the enterprise spirit of “Quality comes from details and details casting brand”. Roadfine Company wholeheartedly work together with the customers to win more business!


Detailed introduction of MAN Air Dryer:
The MAN air dryer is a component used in commercial vehicle air brake systems to remove moisture and other contaminants from the compressed air. The purpose of the air dryer is to maintain the quality of the air in the system, ensuring that the brakes and other critical functions operate effectively and efficiently. MAN air dryers use desiccant technology to absorb moisture from the air, and often feature automatic drain valves for easy maintenance. By using an air dryer, fleet owners and operators can improve vehicle reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance overall vehicle performance.
Various advantages of MAN Air Dryer:
Improves vehicle reliability by removing moisture from the air brake system, reducing the risk of component failure due to corrosion or freezing.
Increases component longevity by preventing moisture buildup and reducing wear on air brake components.
Enhances braking performance by providing clean, dry air for the air brake system.
Reduces maintenance costs by reducing the need for frequent component replacements and making maintenance easier with automatic drain valves.
Improves air quality by removing moisture and other contaminants from the compressed air.
Increases fuel efficiency by reducing the workload on the engine, as a properly functioning air brake system can improve vehicle performance.

The users of the MAN Air Dryer:
The primary users of MAN air dryers are heavy-duty vehicle operators such as trucking companies, bus operators, and trailer manufacturers. These entities use air dryers to remove moisture and contaminants from the air supply of the air brake system, ensuring proper brake performance and protecting the other components of the air brake system.
In addition to heavy-duty vehicle operators, air dryer manufacturers and suppliers, as well as brake system manufacturers, also use MAN air dryers in the design and testing of their products. Air dryer repair and maintenance facilities also use MAN air dryers to service heavy-duty vehicles and ensure that the air brake system is operating properly and that the air supply is clean and dry.
In summary, MAN air dryers are used by heavy-duty vehicle operators, air dryer manufacturers and suppliers, brake system manufacturers, and maintenance and repair facilities. These users appreciate the reliability, efficiency, and high quality of MAN air dryers and use them to ensure that the air brake system of heavy-duty vehicles operates effectively and safely.