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Zhuji City Jiechuang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhuji City Jiechuang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a China Trailer Brake Chambers Manufacturers and trailer brake chambers factory engaged in slack adjuster, brake chamber, air dryer, air hose and a series of brake valves, solenoid valves which are used on trucks, trailers and buses. The company is located in Fengqiao Industrial Zone, Zhuji City. near Hangzhou Airport and Zhuji Train station.

The company has advanced production equipment and testing machines and strict testing process. It has advanced production technology and management experience, which effectively controls the quality of the products and makes our each product match with international standards.

Roadfine brand is popular in domestic and foreign countries since 2012. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, South America, the Middle East and many other countries, and we already established good sales channel and business reputation.

Roadfine Enterprise adheres to the “People-oriented, Credit First”, and strictly implements the enterprise spirit of “Quality comes from details and details casting brand”. Roadfine Company wholeheartedly work together with the customers to win more business!


Detailed introduction of Trailer Brake Chambers:
Trailer Brake Chambers are components of the air brake system used in commercial vehicles, including trailers. They act as a control unit for the brakes on a trailer by applying pressure to the brake shoes or pads through a diaphragm inside the chamber. The brake chamber converts energy from the compressed air supplied by the vehicle into mechanical energy to apply the brakes. There are different types of trailer brake chambers, including push-rod and pull-rod, and they can be used on both drum and disc brakes. They are crucial for ensuring the safe operation of trailers on the road, as they control the braking force applied to the wheels.

Various advantages of Trailer Brake Chambers:
Trailer brake chambers play an important role in ensuring the proper functioning of trailer brakes. Some of the advantages of trailer brake chambers include:
Durability: Trailer brake chambers are made of high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the road. This ensures that the brake chambers have a long lifespan, providing reliable braking performance for the life of the trailer.
Improved Braking Performance: Trailer brake chambers use a pressure-activated mechanism that provides a consistent, precise application of force to the trailer brakes. This ensures that the trailer stops quickly and efficiently, providing improved safety and stability.
Easy Maintenance: Trailer brake chambers are designed to be simple to maintain and repair, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
Compatibility: Trailer brake chambers are designed to be compatible with a wide range of trailers, making it easy to find the right brake chamber for your specific trailer.
Cost-Effective: Trailer brake chambers are relatively low-cost components, providing an affordable way to improve the performance and reliability of your trailer's braking system.

The users of the Trailer Brake Chambers:
Trailer Brake Chambers are used in heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as trailers and semi-trailers, and their users include trucking companies, freight and logistics operators, and trailer manufacturers. The brake chambers help regulate the brake pressure on trailers and provide reliable braking performance, ensuring the safe operation of vehicles and cargo.