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Zhuji City Jiechuang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
Zhuji City Jiechuang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a China Clutch Servos Manufacturers and clutch servos factory engaged in slack adjuster, brake chamber, air dryer, air hose and a series of brake valves, solenoid valves which are used on trucks, trailers and buses. The company is located in Fengqiao Industrial Zone, Zhuji City. near Hangzhou Airport and Zhuji Train station.

The company has advanced production equipment and testing machines and strict testing process. It has advanced production technology and management experience, which effectively controls the quality of the products and makes our each product match with international standards.

Roadfine brand is popular in domestic and foreign countries since 2012. Our products are mainly exported to Europe, South America, the Middle East and many other countries, and we already established good sales channel and business reputation.

Roadfine Enterprise adheres to the “People-oriented, Credit First”, and strictly implements the enterprise spirit of “Quality comes from details and details casting brand”. Roadfine Company wholeheartedly work together with the customers to win more business!


Detailed introduction of Clutch Servo:
A Clutch Servo is a device used to control the clutch mechanism in a motor vehicle. The clutch is an essential component that allows the driver to engage and disengage the engine from the transmission, which allows the vehicle to change gears. The Clutch Servo, also known as a power booster, uses vacuum pressure from the engine to increase the force applied to the clutch pedal, making it easier for the driver to engage and disengage the clutch. The Clutch Servo reduces the effort required to operate the clutch, making driving more comfortable and effortless, particularly for drivers with limited hand or leg strength. The Clutch Servo is typically located near the firewall in the engine compartment and is connected to the clutch master cylinder, the pedal, and the vacuum system.

Various advantages of Clutch Servo:
Clutch servos provide several benefits in vehicles, including:
Improved clutch performance: Clutch servos increase the clamping pressure on the clutch plate, leading to a smoother and more efficient engagement of the clutch.
Reduced clutch pedal effort: Clutch servos help reduce the physical effort required to operate the clutch, making it easier to use, especially in heavy-duty vehicles.
Longer clutch life: Clutch servos help prevent clutch slip, which can cause excessive wear on the clutch plate. This results in a longer lifespan for the clutch.
Increased driver comfort: The reduced physical effort required to operate the clutch leads to less fatigue for the driver, increasing overall comfort during long drives.
Improved vehicle safety: Clutch servos provide a more consistent and controlled clutch engagement, which can improve vehicle stability and reduce the risk of accidents.

The users of the Clutch Servo:
The Clutch Servo is used by vehicle owners and mechanics in the automotive industry. It is an important component of a vehicle's clutch system and helps to control the engagement and disengagement of the clutch. The Clutch Servo can be found in both manual and automatic transmission vehicles. The main beneficiaries of the Clutch Servo are car manufacturers, fleet owners, and private vehicle owners who require a reliable and efficient clutch system for their vehicles.